Thanks Michael, for the great insights.

In many ways, I believe cycles are related to limitations and equilibrium. In nature, from planetary motions to seasonal changes, to recurring patterns of human lives, we see cycles. and cycles primarily manifest certain forms of equilibrium. Simply put, external forces toward/from the system get netted out which produce a balanced state (i.e. the routine or templated lifestyle mentioned at the beginning of your article). Limitations of consciousness (e.g. time, space, needs, etc) tend to solidify this pattern and make life hard to live up to its purpose (i.e. according to Nietzsche, life’s meaning hinges on a ceaseless process of overcoming oneself). The only way out of this pattern is to lift the limitations, which is in line with disequilibrium and disrupting the cycles.

I have created a discussion thread here for anyone who’s interested to continue exploring the topic.

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