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  • Emily


    Business by training but an emerging technology explorer at heart. With a curiosity for tech exploration, which has paved the way for many an inspiring story.

  • Ron Hill β€” [DECNT]

    Ron Hill β€” [DECNT]

    Engineer, musician, artist, creative entrepreneur. Father loving life & making the world a more decent reality for all by building a Decentralized Reality.

  • Claudia Stack

    Claudia Stack

    I am an educator/filmmaker. See stackstories.com to link to docs. Subscribe: http://stackstories.com/subscribe-to-get-emails-with-new-articles-and-film-info/

  • James Musey

    James Musey

  • Andrew Cartwright

    Andrew Cartwright

    Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Researcher, Visionary Leader & Investor. πŸ‘€@ A&E, CBS, NBC, ABC. www.andrewcartwright.com Expert Real Estate, Business & Technology

  • Junaid Mian, RPh

    Junaid Mian, RPh

    Pharmacist + VC

  • Evangelos Papadopoulos

    Evangelos Papadopoulos

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